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by | May 15, 2020 | News

Build trust and authority by fetching real reviews from Google My Business directly on to your website! They sync automatically and have the power to speak with confidence. You can customize reviews styles within the Google review carousel module. You can show/hide every elements.

Where can this module be used?

  • Increase conversion: When other people confirm your service’s quality, your potential customers will make faster purchasing decisions.
  • Save Time: You will never ever need to manually generate, manage and display Google reviews on your website. It automatically fetch all reviews.
  • Build Trust: Displaying the Google source as a verification signal enhances confidence in your brand.

Module Features

To get a clear understanding of the module, you can look through the list of its primary traits.

  • Customize your reviews the name of the author and picture
  • You can easily styles your recommendation text
  • Easily position your date, Google icon
  • Change color, size etc of your star rating

To explore more features, see our demo

How to add the Google Reviews on your website

The following steps are the only thing you need to do to set up the module on your website. It is going to take a couple of minutes of time and no coding needed. 😉

Step 1:

Open Wow Carousel option page and select google icon tab.

Wow Carousel Option Page

Step 2:

Click Connect SocialFeedly, You will be taken to the SocialFeedly website where you will need to connect your Google My Business account.

Step 3:

Now sign-in your google my business account email and allow SocialFeedly to sync your reviews.

Sign in with google page

Allow your account to fetch all locations and reviews.

After allow the page redirected to your option page with all location list.

Step 4

Now add the module your desire page and select location.. BO0OOM! all your reviews display as carousel now. 😉

You’re done!

Still have doubts? Or experiencing problems? Simply send your request to our customer service. We will help with any question.


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